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Gas-permeable bags

The perfect sealer for your Microsac Bags

Especially designed for Saco2‘s Microsacs
with an extra heat sealer
Foot pedal
Circuit board modified for
extra durability
We can deliver a repair kit
1 pc teflon 10/50/10
2 pcs teflon 4/7/4
1 pc silicone rubber + teflon 10 mm
2 pcs seal wire
Machine specifications:
length: 570 mm
width: 220 mm
height: 200 mm
weight: 18 kg
maximum length: 480 mm
width: 4mm
Electrical data:
voltage: 220 v / 50 Hz
or 110 v / 60 Hz
The COM 500 Super Magnet Sealer is a highly reliable, efficient and easily operated heat sealer with a light magnetic grip, specially designed. for Saco2‘s Microsacs It provides a consistent, secure sealing of polypropylene bags, even after sterilisation. This machine is perfectly suitable for industrial use under cleanroom conditions.

The COM 500 can be operated either by hand or with a foot pedal. The machine’s performance is quick and efficient thanks to its magnetic grip. Once the sealing cycle is finished, the machine reopens automatically. The COM 500 features individually adjustable sealing and cooling times. It has an upper and a lower heating jaw, together with a switch to disconnect the upper heater when required.