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Gas-permeable bags

Why use the Microsac bags?

Different models have different advantages, but all models have a common denominator: they combine a carefully balanced gas exchange rate without drying out the substrate or spawn, whilst remaining a firm barrier against microorganisms and retaining excellent physical strength.
filter for spawn production
filter for substrate production
Individual models have an individually calculated gas exchange rate.

No dry-out zones: the filter plugs work through depth filtration, so the substrate under the filter zones does not become dehydrated.

Flexibility: the length and distribution of the bags and the filters are adapted to the application and desired gas exchange rate.

Physical strength: the Microsacs are checked through a series of quality tests to ensure the bags remain strong after heat treatment and physical handling.

Development: the Microsacs are constantly tested and improved in cooperation with our sister company Mycelia, ensuring our products meet large production and automatization standards.

The transparency of the plastic film, in combination with the narrow filter strips, ensures optimal visual quality control of the contents of the bag.